The mission of the Gold Center is to provide comprehensive and thoughtful mental health and wellness services for your family and young adult. We provide cutting edge evidence based treatment in a warm and collaborative setting. We strive to provide families with the tools and support to manage the expected stresses of growing up along with bigger mental health challenges and diagnoses.

We are the pediatricians of mental health. In medicine, doctors often refer to the “gold standard” which is the optimal treatment modality for a specific symptom. At the Gold Center, we aspire to provide a comprehensive plan to support you and your family. We don’t believe in “throwing the kitchen sink” at a problem. Our consultations seek to understand the nature of the difficulties and craft a treatment plan that is not redundant and does not over pathologize your child or young adult. You will have a team leader who takes a bird’s eye view of all the services that your child currently utilizes from tutors to coaches to therapists to doctors. We seek to coordinate and curate these services for your child and family.