Stacy Kuhn, MPH, LCSW

My interest in clinical work came as a direct result of my personal experience in the therapeutic process. I earned a master’s degree in public health and spent nearly a decade working in the field of healthcare management consulting and technology. After taking a hiatus from professional life to focus on starting a family, I returned to graduate school to pursue a second master’s in clinical social work. During my internship year, I worked at Washington Square Institute (WSI) as an intake coordinator and therapist. Upon completing my degree, I was hired at WSI as a full-time therapist. My work with young adults coping with the stresses and anxieties related to life in New York City has inspired me to expand my practice at the Gold Center.

At the Gold Center, we work as a team to offer our clients the highest quality therapeutic services in a direct, innovated and compassionate manner. Through our collaborative approach we are able to treat clients individually as well as part of family systems. My therapeutic style is based on multiple psychodynamic theories, and I am committed to providing my clients with a space where they can feel safe, empowered, authentic and heard. My flexible approach results in establishing deep connections with my clients whom I support in all aspects of their lives.

In my practice over the last seven years, I have witnessed the stresses young people feel when facing the pressures of adulthood. Increasingly, these anxieties are associated with economic and social media pressures. Many of these young adults have unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with these factors, like substance abuse. Additionally, I have seen a growing trend in the detrimental use of technology, including online gambling and Internet pornography. By helping clients understand the absence of healthier coping mechanisms and their unique psychological dynamic, I work with clients to identify and develop healthier strategies.

More and more I see young adults forced to navigate social media, dating apps and text messaging, which has impacted and significantly changed the emotional communication of young people. The result is a community of people struggling to establish close connected relationships. My in-depth experience with this population has provided me with the knowledge to help clients navigate these channels. Ultimately, I strive to help my clients to redirect the trajectory of their lives.


Relationship counseling

Depression management

Interventions for a range of Anxiety Disorders (Selective Mutism, OCD etc.)

Evidence-based treatments for Trauma and Stress Related Disorders


Management Consultant at PriceWaterhouse Coopers in the Healthcare Sector

Manager of Web Service for Healthpages Technology Company

Intake Coordinator at Washington Square Institute

Staff Therapist at Washington Square Institute

Yale: Master’s Degree in Public Health

NYU: Master’s Degree in Social Work