ADHD Assessments

We are often asked to assess for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We provide a uniquely comprehensive approach. The diagnosis of ADHD is best treated by a psychiatric assessment in close conjunction with a psychological assessment and school reports. It is critical to rule out learning issues and other psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety, that may mimic symptoms of ADHD. We provide a three part intake with a psychiatrist to understand parental concerns, collect information, and meet the child or teenager. We use the state of the art InView technology to collect and coordinate data from home and school. If there are concerns about learning issues, an educational testing psychologist will do a preliminary screen. If we determine that your child or teenager does meet criteria for ADHD, we will offer medication management, parent training and executive functioning coaching, and psychotherapy if needed. We will also work closely with a psychologist who can do a focused neuropsychological and educational testing to confirm diagnosis and provide recommendations to schools and testing companies about necessary accommodations. In addition, we work closely with schools to give them strategies for managing the child and to better assess if medication is working. Lastly, we encourage parent training to help parents better understand the diagnosis and develop tools to manage the child/teenager at home. If needed, we can also provide in home assessments.

Social Skills Program

The Gold Center takes a broad approach to understanding a child’s social skills. All evaluations will assess and address social skills challenges. However, we recognize that it can be challenging to address and practice social skills in the 1:1 setting of a therapist’s office. Currently, we offer two different social skills groups and in home facilitated play.

Social Skills Group

Jacklyn Covell, our integrated child and family consultant, has developed an original curriculum for children which uses group activities and play to support and develop pragmatic language, studentship skills, and practical solutions to everyday social and friendship issues. Children are encouraged to consider alternatives to behavior that is not getting the desired results either at home or school by using their intelligence to override impulsive and negative patterns. Specific strategies are taught and children are grouped by age and developmental level. Ms. Covell also works closely with parents at our office and in your home to empower your child and solidify his or her individual social skill challenges.

Secret Agent Society Group

We utilize an evidence based themed group for children aged 7-10 years who may struggle with hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety and age appropriate social skills. Your child plays the role of “secret agent” and uncovers skills that are useful in identifying feelings and navigating social situations. SAS features an animated ‘secret agent’ computer game, Helpful Thought Missile action game, Challenger board game, and Secret Message Transmission Device. Children will take home a video game they can play at home and will have weekly missions. Parents will also meet weekly to support their children’s efforts.

For more information about the SAS program:

Facilitated Play and Real World Social Skills training

We offer in-home consultations and treatment as well social skills training at home and in the real world. Ms. Covell and her team offer in-home assessments and treatment for younger children in their home setting. This approach allows the clinicians to assess how the child interacts with his or her world and can intervene and redirect in real time. In certain cases, it can be appropriate to work with the entire family. We can help to identify triggers and develop realistic behavioral plans and actually help with the implementation. We have found that complicated behavioral plans are often ineffective and result in disappointment and frustration for both parents and children. Our in home consultants aim to construct creative, realistic and flexible solutions to everyday family challenges. Our in home team works closely with treating therapist and psychiatrists to provide additional information and support that can be useful in therapy and medication management.

We offer facilitated play as an additional tool for managing social skills. Our in-home consultants will work with your child or teenager in your home or out in the real world. They can tag along on play dates and subtly redirect and encourage your child. They can take your teenagers on “field trips” to practice basic social interactions.

School Consultation

School-based consultation is a collaborative process between clinicians, parents, and educators to promote child success in the classroom. A school based consultation allows for clinicians to work with educators to better understand a student’s need and create behavioral plans and appropriate interventions to ensure a student’s success in school. We provide an ongoing dialogue between school psychologists and teachers which provides us with valuable information to modify treatment and track progress.

Divorce Consultations and Parent Coordinator Services

The end of a marriage is a challenging life transition that is often full of disappointment and frustration. Couples often have difficulty co-parenting during the divorce and afterward. Parents worry about the impact of a divorce on their children. At the Gold Center, we take a comprehensive look at the situation and try to assist the families in adjusting to the post-divorce life situation. We offer couples guidance in navigating a divorce and managing their children’s need. We do not believe in putting all children whose parents are divorcing into psychotherapy. Children and adolescents process the losses related to divorce in their own way and in their own time. We are happy to consult with kids and develop an ongoing relationship.
Dr. Gladys Frankel offers Parent Coordinator Services to divorcing couples who are struggling to co-parent and need a mediator who can provide dispute resolution. She understands the unique challenges of high conflict divorces. She can assist parents in making good decisions and can resolve conflicts around timing and custody. She does not determine who has primary custody but she can work with parents to manage timing and custody issues once parenting time orders are in place.

Teen Anxiety Group (ages 13-16)

Do you ever worry that you have an anxious teen? Teen anxiety is real and can be brought on by the stress of school, extracurricular activities, family conflict, adjustment to teen years, changing hormones, and the list goes on! If your teen struggles with worries (ranging from trouble falling asleep, high stress response before big exams/important events, trouble making friends, fear of trying new things) let our team of skilled clinicians guide your teen to learn healthier, more adaptive, skill-based tools to cope with stress and worries.

Resiliency/Stress Management Group (ages 18-25)

In an ever-changing world, stress is unavoidable. We run from exams, to work, to social events, wondering if we will ever find a moment for ourselves. Come learn the techniques that can fuel your mind into a more adaptive, mindful, and positive state…even when life stays hectic!