Technology & Social Media Addiction

Life gets hectic- especially when children get added to the mix! Children can bring so much joy, love and excitement into our lives, but we often shy away from discussing the stressful and exhausting side of being a parent. Allow our skilled clinicians to provide you with adaptive tools to make you and your child more resilient & mindful, all while enhancing your own wellness routine!

Tech Addiction and Screen Smart Family Consultations

Dr. Gold is a nationally respected expert on managing technology. She published Screen Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit from Your Child’s Use of Social Media, Apps and Digital Devices. She and her team consult nationally with families who are struggling to manage screen time and find a balance with digital technology. At the Gold Center, we offer family consultations for parents who simply want to take stock and develop an a parenting plan for technology in their home. We assess parenting style and family’s relationship with technology as we create a fluid and flexible plan that works for your family.

We also manage more serious addiction and problematic use of the Internet. If you are concerned that your child may have a toxic relationship with video game, social media, or pornography, let us do an evaluation. We take a collaborative approach that allows the teenager to have some control over his/her use of the problematic devices.