Talya Kook, Psy.D

Throughout my career I have worked extensively with children, adolescents, teens and their families, across a wide range of settings. Areas of treatment include, but are not limited to anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, loss, and behavioral difficulties. I work with people who are struggling to manage issues such as life stressors, transitions, school problems and family or relationship issues.

A child does not exist in a vacuum, as such, communication and parent involvement are integral to any child’s treatment plan. I work closely with parents to provide ongoing support, as well as to integrate the child’s treatment into the home. In addition, I collaborate with schools when appropriate. 

I use exposure therapy with kids and adults who experience significant anxiety or phobias that interfere with the ability to live their day to day lives in a comfortable manner, without avoidance or distress. This is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps people learn to face their fears and manage their anxiety in a safe and achievable manner. 

I believe in an integrative treatment approach that must be tailored to the individual, using warmth, humor and compassion. I seek to create a safe, open and nurturing space where people are able to express themselves, to feel supported and are empowered to make the changes that they desire in their lives.  

I have a strong background in administering clinical and psycho-educational evaluations which I provide for children, adolescents and teens, typically through young adulthood. Evaluations are used to gain in depth information about a child’s cognitive functioning, learning profile, as well as social-emotional functioning. Results of evaluations can be used to provide educational accommodations, to inform treatment and to clarify questions regarding differential diagnoses.