We were responsible for VI design for the BMX Flatland world championship final “FLAT ARK”. BMX Flatland is a style of competition where riders perform dancelike tricks over smooth surfaces; their tricks are then graded on their artistic merits. FLAT ARK is the final competition in a five-leg flatland course (spanning Switzerland, Spain, the U.S., Canada, and Japan). The name of the contest, FLAT ARK, is derived from the concept of an ark (as in Noah’s ark) that takes BMX Flatland to the next level—and for this, the world’s foremost BMX competition, we were requested to handle the VI design.

This VI was used in a variety of places: everywhere from contest posters to invitations, flags, and original products. It was also featured in tie-in products with PUMA, G-SHOCK, and other businesses, as well as emblazoned on an Ohmine sake cask used to treat attendees at the closing ceremony.